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As we all know, some of the greatest companies and products have been invented because of a personal situation.
The origin of Urban Dog Products is just that; it all began with our very own Urban Dog, Sparky. Sparky lived the Urban Lifestyle in the big city high-rise and it was at that time, Jeff invented The Sparky on the Spot – The Ultimate Portable Potty for Dogs, and the start of a new company had begun.

The Sparky on the Spot was invented & designed for our lifestyle to simply provide a safe way for Sparky to have her last piddle of the night without having to go out into the city late at night. The idea and uses for such an invention grew from there when starting to think about all the different scenarios to include but not limited to; new puppy training, senior dogs, boaters with a dog, extreme weather conditions and the list continues…

There have been many different versions of the Sparky on the Spot until finally reaching the current model. With the input from our retail partners and consumers alike, the Ultra Slim model was established and has since provided a simple, convenient and modern design to fit any situation. Like the start of a great idea, feedback provides the road to greatness.
Sparky, the inspiration behind Urban Dog Products and Sparky on the Spot.
Meet Tula, the newest Urban Dog family member, enjoying her Ultimate Antler.
Keeping within the “Urban” theme in growing the business, we began to research and learn all about Antlers for dogs and all the great benefits associated with them. What a perfect chew for an Urban Dog, It’s clean, healthy, low calorie, no odor and no mess! And most certainly not limited to those high-rise dwellers!

It was at that time, we took an interesting shift in direction and became aggressive with researching and sourcing what has now become known as, The Ultimate Antler Dog Chew. Specializing in Elk Antlers because of their size and tasty marrow content, we have earned the reputation and simply known as: The Original Elk Antler Dog Chew Company. That being said, we worked hard to develop our next product that would incorporate the goodness of antler combined with fruits, vegetables and proteins and baked to perfection. Now those fussy chewers can enjoy the healthy benefits of the antler without all the hard work of chewing in a convenient treat.

As we have grown our business over the years, we will never forget and will continue to support our local pet stores in promoting our products and providing donations to help pets in need, or whatever the pet cause may reflect. We are also proud to support our local Police Dept. and their hard-working K-9 units and offering preferred shopping privileges!
We look forward to providing and continuing to build upon our product lineup, staying within our company mission to bring you Healthy – Innovative - All Natural products that help promote a long, happy & healthy dog life!

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