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Sparky on the Spot

How do you maintain the Sparky on the Spot?

When to clean will depend on how often it’s used. Simply dispose of soiled absorbent dog pads, wipe the plastic tray with either disinfectant wipes or spray with a mild cleaning solution and dry. The imitation turf can be cleaned in a tub or basin using warm soapy water.

Is it suitable for indoor use?

It sure is! We recommend it for puppy house training which allows a new puppy to instantly associate the imitation turf with real grass helping to eliminate accidents on your carpets. Also comes in handy when you get tied up and later getting home……Dogs are amazing and do not want to make a mess, they would feel much better having a place to go if an emergency came up.

Can older dogs be trained to use it?

Absolutely! Because the imitation turf looks so real, when dogs are properly introduced to their Sparky on the Spot, there is a natural instinct for them to use it, as well as, the dog pads have a scent to them to attract the dogs to use it. And if needed, each Sparky on the Spot comes with simple training tips.

Can it be left outdoors in extreme weather?

Yes, as the tray is molded using Polyethylene plastic, it will withstand the extreme Canadian climate both hot and cold temperatures.

Do I need to use a specific type of dog pad?

No, you may use any of the available dog pads on the market that can be found at all pet stores as well as department stores and grocery stores.

Is there a dog weight restriction?

No, because of the low-profile design, the unit is safe & stable enough for even the strongest of the Bull Dog family.

Sparky on the Spot - Disposable

How do you set up the Disposable Potty?

Simply remove the cardboard lid along the perforated line and place the potty in the area you want your dog to use it and you are ready to go…. or shall we say, your dog is ready to go!

Can the Disposable Potty be used outdoors?

Absolutely, remember this is a disposable unit, so you want to set up the potty in a covered area that will protect from heavy rain and or snow.

How do you maintain the Disposable Potty?

That’s the beauty of the disposable model, it’s maintenance free! As noted above, if using outdoors, keep it under a covered area, give the unit a shake occasionally, to move around the inside pine & paper mixture to ensure maximum absorption is met and to keep a level surface.

How do you clean up solid waste?

Simply scoop as you would in the park with a poop bag or better, toilet paper that can all be flushed in the toilet. If necessary, you can wipe the area with a damp cloth to lift any left overs that could not be scooped.

How long will the Disposable Potty last?

The unit will last 4-6 weeks which all depends on the size of your dog and the amount of use.

How do you dispose of The Sparky on the Spot – Disposable?

How do you dispose of The Sparky on 
the Spot – Disposable?

This is the good part, everything can be re-cycled. We recommend once the unit is ready to be replaced with a new one, simply remove the top lid from the bottom, pour the contents of the pine & paper pellets into a clear plastic recycle friendly bag and recycle. The cardboard as usual, you fold flat and recycle as well.

Is it suitable for dogs of all ages?

Yes, the disposable potty, like the original Sparky on the Spot is perfect for the initial puppy training and bladder control days to older and even senior dogs. Whether the dog starts out with the potty or is introduced later in life, by following the simple introduction & training tips provided, your dog of any age will enjoy their very own “ensuite” potty.

ANTLER CHEWS - The Ultimate Antler Dog ChewTM

Are any animals harmed to collect their antlers?

Are any animals harmed to collect 
their antlers?

No ANIMALS ARE HARMED, Antlers are naturally shed once a year and cause no harm to them. The Elk will immediately begin to grow a fresh new set making this a natural, sustainable & biodegradable product and all created by nature.

Where do our antlers comes from?

The antlers come from animals raised on government inspected farms throughout Canada & the US.

How are the antlers managed after they are shed?

How are the antlers managed after 
they are shed?

The antlers are quickly collected and sent to our processing facility. They are power washed with hot water, cut to size, smoothed and packaged.

Are there any chemicals used in the cleaning process?

Are there any chemicals used in the 
cleaning process?

NO, there are no soaps, detergents, chemicals or preservatives used in cleaning the antlers.

How long do they last?

That depends on “usage” each dog’s chewing aggression is different, on average 3-4 weeks for an aggressive chewer & several months for a less aggressive chewer.

Are antlers recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Are antlers recommended for dogs 
with sensitive stomachs?

YES, antler will not upset your dog’s stomach, cause diarrhea and is great for dog’s with Allergies.

Is there any nutritional value in antlers?

YES, antlers are a healthy source of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, Zinc & phosphorus.

Will antlers clean my dog’s teeth?

YES, antlers also provide a source of natural oral health care as the dogs work their way through the antler by gnawing, it creates a fine powder like granular that helps to control plaque & tartar buildup, like an exfoliant for their teeth.

Do antlers chip like a bone?

Whole Antlers are much less likely to chip or splinter than processed bones.

What is the difference between a Whole Antler & Split Antler?

What is the difference between a 
Whole Antler & Split Antler?

Split Antlers allow easy access to the tasty marrow middle and because they are split, they are not recommended for aggressive chewing dogs. They are better suited for teething puppies, senior dogs or more gentle chewers.

How do you know when it time to throw away the antler?

How do you know when it time to 
throw away the antler?

When referring to a whole antler, the antler is done when the dog gnaws it down to a size that is now to small that the dog could put the entire piece in its mouth and potentially swallow….now its time for a shiny new antler.

When referring to a split antler, the antler is done when most of the tasty marrow middle is gone and all that is left is the calcium outer shell, now it is time for a shiny new antler.

What size Antler is best for my dog?

This is the question of the day and is the most important one to note. There are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect antler for your dog. When picking the perfect antler for your dog, it is important to note the following to realize all the great benefits antlers have to offer:

1. Breed of dog
2. Age of dog
3. Jaw Size – small delicate to powerful
4. Chew level, powerful or more delicate
5. Weight of dog

The most important thing to keep in mind is never buy an antler that is too small for your dog. Example: An 80lb German Sheppard that is 2 years old should not be given a split antler.

Also, as this is a natural product, every piece of antler is different. The ring of calcification that surrounds the marrow middle will indicate the strength of that antler.

 This image shows a very thick white calcified ring resulting in a strong antler which is ideal for a strong chewer.

Like a tree, when the antler grows back year after year, the calcium ring that surrounds the marrows becomes thicker and stronger, providing a much more challenging antler chew. Each piece of antler is unique in the thickness of the calcium ring that surrounds the marrow middle.

So, for the big, young, power chewer, you want to look for a thicker ring of calcium.

For the gentler chewer, you want to look for a much thinner ring of calcium…and those gentle chewers are not necessarily always a small dog (e.g. Jack Russel’s & Dachshund are smaller dogs but also very strong chewers).

If you follow those main key points, you will be very happy with your antlers and keep your furry family members happy, healthy and busy!

As with any dog chew or toy, we always recommend never leaving your pet unattended with the antler and monitor the chew time……everything in moderation.

Safe Chewing Hints

When giving your dog an antler or any hard dog chew, we recommend the following: Supervise your dog. Be very careful giving hard chews (such as antlers) to very aggressive chewers as it is possible they could break a tooth. (these are the crazy dogs….we all know one)

Recommended chewing amounts in a day; 1/2" to 1" per day. If you need to get the antler away from your dog and he doesn't know "drop it", you can trade him for a tasty treat such as a piece of cheese.
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