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ANTLER CHEWS - The Ultimate Antler Dog ChewTM

The Original Elk Antler Dog Chew Company
The Ultimate Antler Dog ChewTM - Created by Nature
Did you know? Only Male Elk grow antlers that are naturally shed once a year. In fact, all antlered mammals, including Moose & Deer shed their antlers annually. Once the Elk shed their antlers, they immediately begin to grow back and within 3-4 months, they will have a whole new set of antlers. In fact, in the wild, most animals will enjoy a nibble on antlers they find that have fallen in the woods.

This cycle will continue for their entire life making antlers a healthy, all natural & sustainable product for our dogs enjoyment and happy owners knowing that no animals are being harmed. Unlike bones, ears, feet, raw-hides, bully sticks & even horns that must come from dead animals.

Chewing is as natural & healthy an activity for dogs as Elk Antler is for them to chew on.

Urban Dog Products only uses 100% Naturally Shed Antlers for all Antler products providing an 100%
All-Natural Dog Chew – Created by Nature
No Animals Are Harmed in Producing this Product
Elk Antler – Ultimate Antler Dog ChewTM Benefits to Note:
     • Long Lasting
      Provides Natural Oral Health Care
     • Healthy source of Calcium, Glucosamine & Essential Minerals
     • Sustainable & Biodegradable
     • No Odour – No Mess – Will not Stain
     • Low Calorie
     • Perfect option for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomach
     • No Artificial Flavour, Colours or Preservatives
Whole Antlers come in a variety of sizes ranging from the smallest size Toy to the largest, Jumbo.

As not all dogs chew at the same level, we created the split cut antler that allows easy access to the marrow middle while providing all the same great benefits as the whole antlers. The split antler is the perfect option for teething puppies, senior dogs and for the gentler chewer.

Nature is a wonder that we should embrace and learn from.

ANTLER CHEWS - Sizes Available

Antler Chew
Antler Chew
Antler Chew
Antler Chew
Antler Chew
Antler Chew


Toy Medallion
Antler Chew
Medium Split
Antler Chew
X-Large Split
Antler Chew
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